Nathan and Leah.

Nathan and Leah.

Nathan and Leah.

A dream property and lifestyle came true for Nathan and Leah—who got engaged and then married at their ideal Glass House Mountains home.

From dreaming against the odds.

The stunning slopes, the country air, the charmed lifestyle only to be found in Glass House Mountains—it was the dream that drove Nathan and Leah to engage Sando Finance to secure the buying power to make it real.

“I had a high-income job,” says Nathan, “but a small deposit and no big track record—which of course the banks rely on.”

“It was a dream property, and a very big loan—around $1.25M, so there was a real challenge to it,” he says.

“Jarrod made it feel so easy and fluid—as an engineer for Telstra, I never saw the level or professionalism he showed—his accountability is legendary,” says Nathan.

To tying the knot on solid ground.

The dream property formed a foundation for some of the best moments of Nathan and Leah’s lives.

“Even with four kids together, we waited until home was under our feet, and then got engaged at home,” says Nathan.

“Fast forward, and we’re getting married at home—with the kids there, and friends—an incredible experience. And we can chalk up some of that happiness to Jarrod’s help with the loan,” he says.

For Nathan, the next dream was starting his own business.

“I’d wanted to leverage my engineering knowledge into owning an earthmoving equipment business,” he says.
“So I went to Jarrod to help restructure our loan.”

And building an independent business.

“Because of our circumstances, we’d been lucky to get such a big loan at all,” says Nathan.

“But once we had our foot in the door, we called on Jarrod to survey the market for better rates and repayment conditions.”

Just as Jarrod assisted the initial buy, he found a great solution with a new lender for Nathan and Leah.

“Cash flow is king starting a business,” says Nathan. “So Jarrod found a lender with far better rates—and I’m talking 400% lower repayments than we’d initially secured.”

“Our loan servicing dropped from $2600 per week to just $600 per week—and that inspired the confidence I needed to build an independent business,” says Nathan.

“Jarrod inspires confidence too,” says Nathan.

“He never left us wondering, his accountability was astounding, and he moved mountains for our family.”

“I had a high-income job, but almost no deposit and no track record—

—but Jarrod helped us into our $1.25M dream property—where we just got married!.”

Nathan, Glass House Mountains, QLD

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