Monique used Sando’s services for multiple purchases—and as a real estate agent appreciates dealing with an expert mortgage broker.

Seriously professional clients.

Monique isn’t just a professional real estate agent—she’s built a hugely successful independent Brisbane property agency, with national reach and over 1200 sales in recent years.

“We employ over 20 agents and our company has acted in some iconic Brisbane real estate deals,” says Monique.

“We’re proud of what we’ve built—and we only like to deal with absolute experts in the field.”

For mortgage broking, that expert is Jarrod from Sando Finance.

Turn to Sando Finance for results.

Monique engaged Jarrod for multiple property purchases, and experienced first-hand the benefits of using Sando Finance.

As a busy business leader, Monique values directness, flexibility, and results.

“The communication is great—having one person who deals with the banks means I get answers when I need them,” she says.

Monique also values problem solving when the stakes are high.

“We had one situation in which a very favourable purchase required a two-week settlement—which is almost unheard of—but Jarrod made it happen.”

And leverage the value for their clients.

Monique developed such faith in Jarrod and Sando Finance that they started referring their own clients.

“With Jarrod as provider, we get responsiveness—and we know from the experience of scores of clients we’ve referred—Sando Finance offers a superior service,” says Monique.

In an industry in which confidentiality is king, Monique rates Jarrod’s professionalism.

“He’s an absolute vault,” says Monique.

“Jarrod’s simply our go-to. He’s knowledgeable, responsive, and he makes deals happen—in fact, he just acted in our absolute record sale for Brisbane—but the details are in the vault!,” says Monique.

“We’ve personally used Jarrod on 8 deals, and he’s always great—

—that’s why our agency has referred so many clients to him. In fact, our agents have even used Sando Finance on their own home-buying journey.”

Monique, Coorparoo, QLD

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