Kevin and Richelle.

Kevin and Richelle.

Kevin and Richelle.

These UK immigrants got such a great result with Sando that they came right back—and have just financed a second property purchase.

From far, far away.

Kevin and Richelle faced some unusual dynamics applying for their first loan.

“As recent migrants from the UK, we didn’t have a lot on paper. Even my license as an electrician was pending, so the banks weren’t banging down our doors,” says Kevin.
But a referral through friends opened the doors to better loans, and put their first purchase within reach.

“I was introduced to Jarrod by a friend who knew his work—I reached out—and immediately felt great to have a trusted expert on my side,” says Kevin.

With a 5% deposit and a dream.

“I remember we had just 5% for the deposit,” says Kevin.
“It’s hard to imagine now, but it was all part of the dream of migrating down under—and building our careers in a new place.”

Kevin recalls appreciating how Jarrod seemed to master all the details on loan possibilities.

“Jarrod understood it all at such a granular level that nothing seemed impossible. He was across a huge panel of lenders, and he even dug into my licensing as a sparkie to help prepare our application,” says Kevin.

“He met us outside of work hours to accommodate us. He put our minds at ease, he had a great team of people working on our loan.”

To a budding property portfolio.

Fast forward four years, and Kevin and Richelle were ready to make another move—this time on another property.

“Our equity had grown substantially,” says Kevin. “We could see that in Australia, property is the smartest investment.”
“So we went back to Jarrod and asked about an equity loan, to get into a second property without selling our home.”

It was a move that worked well for Kevin and Richelle.

“Jarrod made it very clear how we could best leverage our equity—and our money now works for us as hard as possible.”

Kevin credits Jarrod with caring about more than the usual business success.

“Jarrod gets why we’re all doing this—that it’s about home as well as wealth. He’s not arrogant, he’s not a salesperson—he’s a genuine person who likes making a difference for people,” he says.

“As recent migrants from the UK, we didn’t have a lot on paper—

—but we got our first loan with Jarrod, then used the equity to buy another property.”

Kevin, Teneriffe, QLD

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