Connor and Sharna.

Connor and Sharna.

Connor and Sharna.

After a long hunt for the right property to call home, Connor and Sharna made it happen in Logan and haven’t looked back.

After hunting for the right place.

Connor and Sharna had a careful wishlist of the right characteristics for their property—so when they finally found the perfect home in Logan, Qld, they turned to Jarrod and Sando Finance to make sure there were no surprises on their first loan.

“It was a whole new world to us,” says Connor. “Jarrod was great, he kept in touch with the agent—who he knew from another deal—so we always knew what was happening.”

“We’d be calling at all hours with questions—it was all so new to us—and Jarrod spent the time to get us clear.”

The dream loan came through.

Connor felt confident that he and Sharna would get the loan—despite the newness of the process.

“Jarrod just simplified the process so much, and we knew what to expect at every stage,” says Connor. “That extra bit of professionalism we saw in Jarrod helped us feel confident—and we got the loan.”

Connor and Sharna have been in their Logan home for 4 years now—and haven’t looked back.

“Home ownership was a dream we made come true—and there’s nothing like it,” says Connor.

Followed by a dream loan rate.

While many buyers struggled as rates fluctuated after the pandemic, Connor and Sharna made some good moves to reduce their rates.

“When our fixed term was up, I’d been negotiating with the old lender—but they just wouldn’t budge far enough,” says Connor. So we found a better rate out there, and refinanced through Jarrod—with the same level of great service and expertise.”

“Once again it felt easy,” says Connor, “and Jarrod did the legwork for us.”

Connor recalls seeing friends pay higher rates while his went down.

“Rates were high at the time, but we ended up with a better rate than friends who tried the same thing,” he says.

“With Jarrod on board, we felt empowered, and actually confident.”

“It was our first time lending, and it was a whole new world for us—

—with Jarrod we felt empowered and actually confident.”

Connor, Logan, QLD

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