Adam and Simone.

Adam and Simone.

Adam and Simone.

After a handful of ‘no’s’ in a tricky relocation loan, Adam looked to Sando Finance to make the process easy—and is now in his dream country home.

From difficult beginnings.

Adam and Simone had been burnt before with complex lender processes and sub-optimal loan conditions.

“Our first house purchase we’d done with Aussie—and it was a logistical nightmare,” says Adam.

“So for our next place—the dream home in country Northern NSW—we expected a challenge. With two young kids, partner returning to work, plus I’m self-employed and we were also relocating—all double whammies that meant we faced a few ‘too hard baskets’ from mortgage brokers.”

But then Adam heard about Sando.

To a steady hand with Sando.

Adam described the start of working with Sando’s Jarrod Sanderson as a watershed moment.

“When I called Jarrod it immediately felt different”, says Adam.

“Jarrod was up for the challenge, and took our situation in his stride. Two hours later, he was back to us with detailed scenarios that mapped salary ranges, timeframes—and everything in between.”

Adam appreciated Jarrod’s sense of calm amidst the curveballs—and his approach to availability and communication.

“He took so many calls from us. Between bad building and pest results, market changes, and then the flooding in Northern NSW—he just stayed patient and on our side.”

And a dream relocation to Northern Rivers.

“In the end, we found the right place in Alstonville, near Byron,” says Adam. “It’s the best move we ever made.”

“A few things went wonky with the contract—like subject to finance clauses, and non-refundable deposits. But Jarrod kept us informed and kept us calm—and we got our dream house, just as planned.”

After less than a year, Jarrod helped Adam and Simone secure a better rate—and even secure a new car loan through their company.

“Jarrod came up with a gameplan to get us a better rate—and that transition was just as seamless as the purchase,” says Adam.

“Previous brokers had promised the world and delivered nothing. But Jarrod’s honest, and reliable, and he actually cared.”

“We weren’t easy customers, we were self-employed and relocating—

—but Jarrod made it feel easy, keeping us informed and keeping us calm.”

Adam, Alstonville, NSW

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