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These UK immigrants got such a great result with Sando that they came right back and have just financed a second property purchase.

From far, far away.

Kevin and Richelle faced some unusual dynamics applying for their first loan.

"As recent migrants from the UK, we didn't have a lot on paper. Even my license as an electrician was pending, so the banks weren't banging down our doors," says Kevin. But a referral through friends opened the doors to better loans, and put their first purchase within reach.

"I was introduced to Jarrod by a friend who knew his work- I reached out-and immediately felt great to have a trusted expert on my side," says Kevin.



Adam described the start of working with Sando's Jarrod Sanderson as a watershed moment.

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"Let's talk in person-I attend property events through select partner agencies."
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"In the end, we found the right place in Alstonville, near Byron," says Adam. "It's the best move we ever made."

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