Meet Sando: the Brisbane Mortgage Broker Fighting for You

If you’re looking for a Brisbane mortgage broker who actively fights for the best deal for his clients, Sando Finance is in your corner.

Most of us need a mortgage at some point in our lives, which is why so many Aussies are turning towards independent mortgage brokers like Jarrod Sanderson to help secure them a better deal.

You could say Jarrod – or Sando, as he’s known to many of his clients – took a circuitous route into mortgage broking.

An early starter in the working world, it was his personal property portfolio – and a family connection – that ultimately guided him towards becoming a broker.

“I wanted to get straight into the workforce and start earning some money to invest in property,” Sanderson explained.

“After a year or so of doing some labouring, I got into a variety of different sales roles – and during that time, I also bought some land and built a couple of investment properties as well.

“So I was familiar with the process of doing some research, finding my own land, and basically understanding how to manage investments.”

That early interest not only helped pave the way for Jarrod’s journey into mortgage broking, it also led to a significant career change – property management.

“I wanted to start a property management business because I had a couple of investment properties early on, and they were being rented out as brand-new builds,” he said.

“I felt like the property managers didn’t have to do too much to earn their cut, so I wanted to explore that business model for myself.”

“So I got a job in real estate just to learn that side of the business and after about a year, I then started my own property management firm.”

Quick Thinking Turns Into a Long-Term Vocation

By Jarrod’s own admission, it turns out he didn’t quite know as much about property management as required.

Needing another income stream to help keep his business dreams alive, he turned to a family connection – his father.

“I was referring a lot of business to my Dad, Lindsay Sanderson, who’s been a mortgage broker for more than 20 years now,” he said.

“And Dad was like… ‘why don’t you give mortgage broking a go?’”

Figuring he would do the job for six months while building up his cash reserves, Jarrod says it quickly became apparent that mortgage broking was the more sensible path to take.

“I was generating a lot of referrals from real estate agents on one hand… but trying to build a property management business on the other,” he explained.

Realising the real estate agents he received referrals from wouldn’t appreciate competing with a rival property management business, Jarrod says it was a simple decision to ultimately focus on mortgage broking.

“I didn’t have to make a choice as such… I just started to enjoy the mortgage broking side of things a whole lot more,” he explained.

“So I became a full-time mortgage broker.”

Sando Finance can help get you into your dream home faster.

From Property Investor to Brisbane Mortgage Broker

With more than seven years of industry experience under his belt – including almost two at the helm of Sando Finance – Jarrod says more Aussies than ever are now making the most of mortgage brokers.

Inflationary pressures and a rising cost of living mean mortgage holders across Australia are looking to cut down on costs wherever possible – and they’re turning to the experts for help.

In fact, in the final quarter of 2023, the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia revealed almost 72% of new residential home loans were written by a mortgage broker – a new record.

“In the seven years I’ve been a mortgage broker, that stat has gone up from around 50% to almost 75% of new residential loans being written by independent mortgage brokers over the past six months,” Sanderson said.

“More people than ever before are turning to independent mortgage brokers like myself to get a better deal on their home loans.”

With a well-connected Brisbane mortgage broker like Jarrod working independently of banks and other lenders – and paid once a home loan has been approved – it’s little wonder first-home buyers and experienced investors alike are turning to the experts to secure them better deals.

Yet Sando Finance does more than just home loans, and can help secure you better rates on everything from car loans to personal loans, and even provide expert advice on refinancing.

Boasting a deep-seated knowledge of the industry and professional relationships with a wide array of lenders, Sando Finance works to get you the best possible outcome – not those you’re borrowing from.

Coming Full Circle With a Deeply Personal Hire

Having long held an office in the inner Brisbane suburb of Coorparoo, Sanderson is quick to point out he has always worked independently from his father – until now.

While Sanderson Senior had serviced clients in Brisbane’s southern suburbs and beyond for more than 20 years, he has now joined Sando Finance as a full-time mortgage broker.

For Jarrod, it’s a full-circle family moment for a small business owner determined to blaze his own trail.

“Yes, my Dad has joined the firm full-time,” Sanderson said.

“I think it’s a sign he can see I’ve created something special with Sando Finance, and it’s definitely a bit of a fulfilling feeling that he wants to join my business.”

While Jarrod concedes that his father’s next career move is more likely to involve long lunches and rounds of golf as he eases into retirement, he nevertheless brings more than 20 years of experience plus a deep network of contacts to the firm.

Not that Sando Finance needs the referrals. 

While Jarrod’s preference was always to ease himself into the market as a fully independent broker, the business has ticked over steadily since Sando Finance was first launched.

Yet the younger Sanderson is quick to point out that quality service – not volume of clients – means more to him than anything else.

” I definitely try to act, especially within my business, as someone with integrity.” Sanderson said.

“That’s really important to me.”

Need a Brisbane mortgage broker who can get you a better deal? 

Call 0431 257 349 or email to find out how Sando Finance can help.

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